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Summer is here; June Real Estate Forecast

Summer is the time of year when the real estate market in Central Oregon really takes off. Buyers and sellers alike should pay attention to the market, learn how higher inventory on the market can affect real estate decisions, both listing and buying. As active listings have increased from April to May and now into June, we see an increase in reduced pricing as well as an increase in pending sales.

Over the past couple of months, there has been a 25% increase in active listings. In June the number of listings soared to 522 from 416 in May. This is expected, as the late spring and early summer months is the time when the real estate market really takes off in Central Oregon.

With summer typically being the most active time for real estate activity, we do expect to see this trend to continue throughout the summer, along with more sold listings and pending sales.

Pending Sales

When there is a drop in the number of pending sales, it usually means that buyers are getting more cautious and spending more time considering their options, before purchasing. With the consistent pending sales from April to June, it shows that buyers are responding to the market and sealing the deal once they’ve done their research and compared pricing. In April we saw 78 home prices reduced, in May there were 129 and in June we saw 184 homes reduced. This shows the competitiveness in pricing and helps sellers decide how to initially list their home on the market.

More Sold Listings

The number of sold listings stayed somewhat consistent in April (190) and in May (223), and the number has climbed in June (260). The numbers show us that summer is here, and the time to buy is now. With plenty of available listings on the market, there’s bound to be a home that suits your needs.

Typically, when there’s a wide inventory of properties, sellers must consider a more competitive pricing for their listing. When buyers are looking for the perfect home, they might be able to find generally comparable homes at different price points. If you are a seller, now is the perfect time to talk to your Bend real estate broker, and make sure your home is priced competitively enough to sell. An effective way to know if your pricing is competitively priced in your neighborhood is to check out the homes that have sold and see what the final sale numbers looked like. Getting the help of a broker will ensure that your pricing is where it should be. Making your home sale a competitive price will guarantee you more views and ultimately, a sale if priced right. Taking the time to review the trends in your area, compare pricing in comparable homes that have sold and discussing your selling intentions with a broker can help you sell your home quickly in a competitive market.

Absorption Rate

In years past, we’ve seen an increase from May to June, in more new listings, however this year the new listings fell from May to June. Our average inventory levels have diminished for the past ten years and in the last three months, we’ve seen the absorption rate increase, which makes it feel like there are fewer options than in the previous months. Summertime has historically brought an increase in new listings, so this summer is presenting a changeup that puts a higher demand on the pool of new listings.

Duke Warner and the Perfect Home

Spring and Summer is the busiest time of the year for real estate in Central Oregon. If you’re looking for a new property, or want to get your home listed, Duke Warner Realty is ready to help. Visit us today at, browse our Facebook page, call us at (541) 382-8262 or stop in for a visit, we would love to sell your home!

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One-Story or Two-Story Home? Understanding the Benefits

When purchasing a home, there are many house styles to select from, including Victorian, Colonial, ranch, cottage, Spanish revival or bungalow, just to name a few. The style of the house dictates the architectural look of the building as well as the floor plan. You often see ranch, cottage and bungalow homes as one story places, while Victorian, Colonial and Spanish revival homes have two stories.

So which type of house should you get: a one-story or two-story place? Let’s take a look at the benefits of each floor plan so you can decide on which one would be better for your needs.

One-Story Home Benefits

Easier to navigate

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a one-story home is that all the rooms are at the same level. There are no stairs to navigate, which is great for seniors, toddlers and people with disabilities. If you plan to purchase a home where you will age in, take into consideration your future medical and mobility needs.

Simple to maintain

With everything located closer to ground level, maintenance such as painting the siding, washing the windows and making repairs are simpler as you don’t need to be up high on long ladders to reach upper floors. Maintaining mechanical systems such as ductwork, electrical and plumbing may also be easier as you don’t have to run lines going up walls to reach higher levels in the house.

Faster to leave during emergencies

In case of fire or an earthquake, it is easier to exit out windows if the door is blocked since they are at ground-floor level. So long as the window isn’t blocked by obstacles or plants outside, everyone should be able to exit and meet at a designated safe location.

Two-Story Home Benefits

Better Privacy

Bedrooms are usually located on second floors, so you don’t have to worry about anyone walking along the sidewalk and looking into a bedroom while you are changing your clothes. Another story can also be designed to keep private spaces more separate than public rooms, as people can sleep away from the hustle and bustle of living rooms, kitchens, and entertainment rooms that can get loud.

More Yard Space

Unlike a one-story house with all the rooms spread out over a lot, the rooms are stacked onto other floors. This setup can provide more yard space on smaller lots. Having a bigger yard space is ideal for families with children and for people who love outdoor living spaces.

Great Scenic Views

A two-story house allows you to look out over other homes in the neighborhood. So if you live in a location that has splendid scenic views of the mountain, ocean, forest or lake, you can see everything from second-floor windows without dealing with any impediments.

The right floor plan should fit into your present and future needs as well as lifestyle. Consider all the benefits and then reach out to us at Duke Warner Realty, we’d love to help pick the home that you most desire!

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May Real Estate Forecast Shows Strong Focus On Home Buying in Bend

Pricing in the Central Oregon real estate market is reaching record numbers, numbers we haven’t seen since the crash of the market. Pricing is growing each month, and several people are curious if we’re entering another housing bubble.

Housing bubbles are typically reached with faulty lending and speculation in the real estate market, amongst other things. The reason we know we’re not entering a bubble is that the housing prices in Central Oregon are being driven up by sheer demand and competitive pricing.

First Time Homebuyers

With a high number of first-time homebuyers, consisting of mostly millennials, affordable starter homes are selling quickly. Because we’re still experiencing a seller’s market, there aren’t as many available properties on the market, so when starter homes do become available, multiple offers are often received.

Given the low inventory, sellers are able to list their properties for higher prices. The market has sped up because of this. The time that properties are sitting on the market is decreasing. With offers being made quickly- properties are moving very fast.

Bend is a desirable place to live. Last summer we experienced lower than 1 percent vacancy in rental units, and our housing market is experiencing something similar to this at the moment. Typically, properties stay listed for a few months before a serious offer is made. This time has drastically decreased. The number of active available properties has stayed fairly consistent from spring, growing from 416 in April to 437 in May and June is 522.

Interest rates slowly rising

While pricing may be high, interest rates on mortgages are stable but slightly lifted from last summer. Average interest rates for a 30-year mortgage have increased to 4.41 from the all-time calendar low of 3.95 last summer. So even though pricing may be high, buyers are still feeling confident in the encouraging mortgage rates available, and offers are still being made in abundance.

National Real Estate Forecast

Nationally there has been a predicted rise in home prices of up to 4.9 percent. This figure doesn’t represent towns that are growing as rapidly as Bend. There’s a possibility that prices may increase in Bend, even more than the national average predicts.

If you’re looking to list a property in Central Oregon, or need help making a competitive offer, Duke Warner Realty is ready to help. Visit us today at, browse our Facebook page, or call us at (541) 382-8262.

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Easy Summertime Lawn Care

After you’ve found your dream house, moved in and unpacked, you may want to turn your attention to the yard and your lawn. Living in the high desert can be tricky when it comes to upkeep and care for your lawn. A dry climate requires more watering and the heat can burn the grass if it isn’t properly cared for, so to combat the heat and stress of summer, lawns need the proper amount of fertilization and water to thrive. Keep in mind that an excess of water or fertilizer can be just as harmful to the grass and environment as an application of too little. Summertime lawn care may vary slightly based on soil type, but for the most part, the basics are straightforward. Mowing, watering, weeding and fertilizing are the four major topics of care that will help to make your lawn the perfect spot for outdoor parties, family BBQs, and other summertime fun activities. The following tips offer some easy summertime lawn care;

Keep your mower blade sharp and high:

Most grass varieties perform better with a higher mow. Tall grass grows deeper roots with those roots reaching moisture that is farther down in the soil. A clean cut is also important, so make sure you keep your mower blades sharp. A dull blade can shred grass, making it lose moisture and turning shredded tips brown in color. This can give the appearance that your lawn is dead, which is not the look you want for those summertime parties in your new neighborhood!

Don’t overwater and water in the morning:

Watering your lawn between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. is the most efficient time. Less water is lost to evaporation in the morning hours and your lawn has time to dry off before nightfall. A lawn that stays wet during the night encourages disease. Most turfgrass varieties perform well with a half inch of water twice a week or one inch per week. Be sure to not water daily, this can kill your grass quickly!

Control weeds:

The best weed control is often keeping a healthy lawn and regular mowing. Summer annual weeds germinate from seeds and grow to maturity. These weeds typically germinate at the end of spring or the beginning of summer, die after the first frost, then reappear the following year. To stop weeds before they begin growing, you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide that will prevent weeds such as crabgrass and other grassy weeds from germinating. Remember to always read and follow label instructions before applying any chemical to your lawn. Be sure to use pet and kid-friendly products if you have either, some of the products on the market can be extremely harmful to animals and humans.

If you are currently looking for a new home in Central Oregon and want to find the perfect place with a great lawn, the brokers at Duke Warner Realty can help you find the perfect place to call your own!

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Time to Declutter and Donate!

Now that the warmer months are upon us, it’s a wonderful time to take an inventory of your home and clear out the clutter. There are many ways you can approach this project and coming up with a plan before you take on the big task, is essential. Decluttering is much easier when done systematically, for example, if you do it room by room, it isn’t as overwhelming, and you can focus on the items you use on a regular basis for that specific room in the house.

A good rule of thumb when clearing out clutter is to consider the last time you used the item or wore the piece of clothing. Many people believe it’s not worth holding on to if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year’s time. With that rule in mind, visit your drawers, open your closets and start a pile of items you are willing to part with.

A helpful exercise used by many is to imagine if you lost everything, then figure out what items you would want to replace. That gives you a good vision of where to start with the clean-out and starts the process of letting go of the items that do nothing but take up space. Depending on the size of your home, you may need to purchase bins or a storage system if there are heirlooms you want to keep but might not want to display in your home.

Focusing on the function of the item in question gives you a chance to really think about its importance in your home. Figure out if it has a specific function and if not, get rid of it. Try to leave sentimental feelings out of the consideration so you don’t get caught hanging onto things that just take up space.

Once you’ve done the declutter, it’s time to decide what you want to do with the pile of items you no longer want or need. Donating is a terrific way to get rid of a lot of it, and most household items donated can be a tax write-off. Call shelters or teen-challenge programs in your community that take donations and find out what they are currently in need of. You can also sell on eBay or craigslist if you want to make some money on certain high-value items. If you decide to donate, survey the item to make sure it still works and if it’s clothing, consider how worn it is and make sure it’s clean before you give it away.

There are so many benefits to decluttering and you’ll no doubt enjoy your space much more once it feels organized. Donating to local organizations helps your community and gives your items a new lease on life!

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A Quick Checklist for Staging Your Home for Showings

Once you decide it’s time to sell your home, you discover there are all kinds of preparations needed to get the best-selling price possible. Staging your home requires some effort and ultimately a little bit of depersonalization if you want potential buyers to connect with the home. One common assumption is that staging means getting the inside of the house looking good, but a thorough staging includes both inside and outside of the home. Consider the following tips while you prepare your home for selling.

  1. Clean out closets, drawers and storage areas- When potential buyers walk around your home, they will open every closet door, pull out every drawer and look at every square inch with a detailed eye. Clutter, messy closets, packed storage areas, and junk drawers don’t allow the buyers to see the actual storage potential in the home. Organized, clean and spacious presentations appeal to buyers because they are trying to imagine their own belongings in your home and less distraction allows them to do this.
  2. Do a deep clean, including appliances and baseboards- The first impression is the most important, so sparkling countertops, clean floors, tidy bathrooms and clean walls are a must. Clean the inside and outside of all appliances, it gives the potential buyers evidence that you’ve treated the home with care. Wash the baseboards, clean the floors, replace the carpet if it’s tattered and stained. Investing a little bit of money to replace old, worn carpet will help you get closer to the listing price when you sell.
  3. Remove furnishings that block doorways or windows, create open space- Generally less is more regarding furniture when you are showing your home. Too much furniture or oversized furniture can make rooms feel small and cramped. Potential buyers want to be able to visualize their own furniture in each room so pare down yours to allow better visualization.
  4. Bring in the light- Open those blinds or curtains and bring the light into your home. The lighter the better and buyers like to see as much natural light as possible when touring your home. Change lightbulbs before buyers walk through and replace any old lighting that doesn’t match the décor.
  5. Repair the fence, clean up the yard- Curb appeal is a big one, from the moment buyers pull up to your house, they are on point looking at every little detail. Making sure your repairs are done, the leaves are off the ground, the grass is mowed, and the dog waste is picked up, will ensure a good first impression.
  6. Eliminate orders- Our beloved pets can give off odors that we don’t even notice. Pick-up worn or tattered pet toys, store pet beds in the garage, steam clean upholstery, and carpets and be sure to take your pets to a different location during your open house. Not everyone is a dog or cat lover and having them around can be a distraction for many potential buyers.

 Selling a home can be stressful but staying organized and mindful will help reduce the stress and allow you to focus on the bigger picture. Staging your home can be fun, satisfying and give you the chance to finish projects you’ve been meaning to complete for years!



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3 Simple Spring Décor Updates for Your New Home

One of the best parts of moving into a new home is having the opportunity to decorate and outfit your home with the latest trends. Some people like to do seasonal updates throughout their home, while others like to stick with a basic décor and supplement with little pops of color here and there. Essentially you have a brand-new canvas to work with when you arrive in your new digs, so the possibilities are endless. Springtime is a perfect season to revamp furniture, add a fresh coat of paint to a room, change the curtains and maybe even incorporate some fresh foliage in different areas of the house.


A fresh coat of paint gives a room an instant freshness and can even be a pop of color if you decide to just paint one wall. Springtime is a great season to throw a bright color on a wall, match a bit of the décor to the wall color and liven up communal areas where you and your loved ones will be spending the most amount of time this summer. Paint is an easy update that doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s a project that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.  

Plants or an Herb Garden

An herb garden is a perfect addition to your kitchen because the herbs are readily available for your cooking needs and if potted, you have an instant garden that looks beautiful on your countertop or sink. Plants are also a wonderful addition to any room, bringing the freshness of a living organism and the pop of color to the room, it’s hard to go wrong. Springtime lends us a fantastic selection of flowers to choose from and so many people like to have a fresh-cut bouquet in their homes to bring a little outdoor beauty, indoors.

Wall Hangings, Rugs & Accessories

Just like a coat of paint, a rug or wall hanging can completely change the feel of a room. Perhaps you don’t want to spend time painting, but you want a fresh look for the warmer seasons, maybe a splash of color that can be the centerpiece of the room? A new rug or wall hanging can give you the fresh update you are looking for without having to commit to a more permanent update. A little bit of color can go a long way and with rugs, throw pillows and wall hangings, so give it a try and see what works.

Each season brings with it, the chance to enjoy the comforts of home while celebrating the weather outside. Simple décor updates can make your home look and feel brand new and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it.


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Home Improvement Projects to Complete Using Your Tax Return

After tax time and your return comes in, you have to decide what to do with the extra money. Many people decide to reinvest the money back into their homes. They may upgrade old furnishings and appliances, bring more functionality into existing spaces, and increase the value of their homes. If you are trying to decide on a home improvement project to complete by using your tax return, check out the following suggestions.

Focus on Essentials First

While you may not like the look of your outdated kitchen cabinets or old outdoor landscape, you may want to focus the money on items that you know will need fixed soon. Replacing old appliances like your refrigerator or stove now while knowing that they might not last another year allows you to take your time and shop for the items you want.

Replace Water Heaters and HVAC Systems for Energy-Efficient Benefits

Upgrading old water units with tankless models, as well as updating heating and cooling systems, can help you save more water and electricity. You can use less electricity while having higher efficiency equipment that can lower your utility bills. Always consider replacing mechnical systems that are over 15 years to 20 years old.

Seek Simple Remodels That Make Homes More Livable

Replacing outdated cabinets, installing wood flooring, laying in new countertops and upgrading bathroom fixtures are simple home improvement projects to perform when you know that you won’t be getting a large tax return. These projects can instantly change the look of the space, make rooms more functional, and won’t require a lot of time or work to complete.

You can renovate your home so that it will be beautiful and comfortable for your needs. Using your tax return money allows you to make the changes you need to increase the value of your property.

Create a Home Inventory to Protect Your Possessions

It only takes one disaster, such as a flood or fire, to lose the possessions in your home. If you have created a home inventory, you can let the insurance adjuster know exactly what you had before the disaster as you can get compensated for the lost items in a faster manner. Check out this list on how to create a home inventory.

First, Check Your Policy Regarding What Is Covered

While people think every item will be covered at its face value, some insurance policies will have limits on what they will compensate. If you have rare and valuable possessions, such as jewelry and works of art, getting a policy rider can provide extra coverage.

Pick a Room and List Items

Record what the item is, where you bought it, the serial number, the date of purchase and any receipts that you kept. Take your time and don’t miss anything. Items such as clothing can have more generalized descriptions, such as how many jeans or dresses you have, if you didn’t keep any receipts.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Having visual recordings of your items can provide extra proof for the insurance adjuster. You can easily take photos or videos using the camera feature on your smartphone. There are also apps available that help you make a home inventory.

List Items in Storage

Don’t forget to list the items you have in an offsite storage facility. These places can also become damaged in a disaster.

Update Your List Periodically

You will have more items the longer you live in the house. Make sure to update your home inventory list. Keep a copy at a different location, such as with a family member, if the original list becomes destroyed.
Once the home inventory list is made, it becomes easier to update and remove items that you no longer have. Keeping a home inventory makes it easier to become compensated, as you can return to your normal life faster after a disaster strikes.

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3 Common and Costly Mistakes that New Homeowners Make

When you purchase a new home, you are ready to enjoy all the creature comforts it will provide. However, some new homeowners commit some common mistakes once they start doing simple remodels and renovations. These updates can be costly problems, as you can not only damage your new home but spend even more money to have the mistakes fixed. Here are the 3 most common and costly mistakes to avoid when becoming a new homeowner. 

Performing Extensive DIY Electrical and Plumbing Work 

Unless you are a licensed plumber or electrician, or have been adequately trained in such work, it’s usually a bad idea and can be extremely dangerous to perform electrical and plumbing jobs on your home. Anytime you find an electrical outlet no longer working or there is water rising up from the drain in the basement, it’s time to get professional workers to look into the issue. 

Tearing Out Walls to Make the Room Bigger 

Before tearing out a wall completely, you need to figure out if it is a load-bearing wall. Load-bearing walls help support the structural weight of floors and the trusses for the roof of the house. If you tear out a load-bearing wall, this structural weight has to be transferred to some other support structure or you will end up seriously damaging your home. 

Changing Finished Grades to Add Landscape Elements 

Finished grades on the property are designed to redirect rainwater away from the house and into nearby storm drains or creeks. Unfortunately, homeowners may change the finished grade by adding driveways, patios, in-ground pools, sidewalks and other landscape elements that impact the grade. If water is redirected back toward the house, it can cause the foundation to shift and heave as structural damage can occur. 

Avoiding these common mistakes that new homeowners make when purchasing a property will ensure that you won’t accidentally damage your home. You can make the house perfect and comfortable for you and your family so you will enjoy living there. 

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Making Your Home Deposit Go Further Without Feeling Financially Pinched

Saving up to purchase a home feels daunting. You’ll need to come up with a 5% deposit out of your own finances. Also, the more you save, the better your interest rate. Yet how to save more funds at a faster rate? Here are some tips you can use to make your home deposit go further so you get the place that you desire. 

Look for the Best Bank Account Rates 

You have to place the saved money somewhere. Different banks offer varied interest rates, so you will want to check out their rate terms and conditions so you can build your savings faster. Some places may offer you up to 5% interest. Review the competitive rates to select the one where you will be able to grow your savings. 

Qualify for Help to Buy Programs 

There are a range of different schemes available to help people purchase a home. A first-time home buyer can get into the Help to Buy ISA program where if you save up to £12,000, you will be able to get a 25% return that is tax free. Another program is the Help to Buy Equity Loan that is open to everyone (not just to first home buyers). If you are able to save 5% on your home deposit, you can get a loan of 20% to 40% of the property value. 

Buy a Home with Someone Else 

If you know of a friend, relative or partner who is looking for homes to buy, you can buy a place together. So you only have to save up for half the deposit. Just make sure you can be comfortable living with the person under one roof and discuss what will happen if you or the other person decides to sell their share of the house. 

Get the home you need without going through financial hardship. Check out the above ideas on how to make your deposit go further so you can purchase a home.