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How to Sell a Home With Pets

It can be hard work to sell a home. Even harder is selling a home whose residents had pets. No matter how much we love our furry little friends, it doesn’t change the fact that your home likely sustained some damage as a result of the pet living there. Don’t fret, though! By following a few key tips below, you can have your home looking pet-free in no time.

Deep clean

This should come as a no-brainer. If you are selling your Central Oregon home, it should be deep cleaned prior to any showing no matter what. If pets lived in the home, then the deep cleaning must be prioritized. Strong odors often come about as a result of having pets, so start there when cleaning. This may mean you have to shampoo your carpets, steam your floors and vacuum every square inch of your home. It will all pay off in the end, as your home will be spotless and for once in your life, you might not have to deal with your pet’s shedding hair for a few days.

Clean the yard

If you have an outdoor pet, or a pet that spends time outdoors around your home, there is sure to be a sign they were there. Take an afternoon to pick up any droppings in your yard and tidy up any messes that may have been created as a result of your pet. The difference between a clean yard and a messy one can often be the difference between a home that sells and a home that sits on the market.

Move the pets out (for a little bit)

While you might love your pet immensely, prospective buyers probably won’t. So whenever you show your house to a buyer, make sure to take your pets on a mini vacation to the park or the kennel. It’ll give you an excuse to get yours pets out of the house while also boosting your chances at selling your home. There’s also an endless number of pet-friendly places in Central Oregon, so it shouldn’t be hard to find something to do for a few hours. If you want more tips on showing your home, check out our blog titled “How to Host a Successful Open House.”


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Three Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent When Selling

As everything continues to digitize, from photo albums to travel guides, more and more jobs are becoming obsolete. There’s one job, though, that we know can’t be supplemented by some app. Real estate agents are the lifeblood of real estate, and without them, you could end up buying a Central Oregon home that’s not a fit for you or sell your home for much less than it’s worth. Below are some of the most important reasons to use a real estate agent:

List the right way

No one understands the real estate market better than our Duke Warner real estate agents. In Central Oregon’s real estate market, the agents who have been part of the growing communities in Bend and Redmond have experience and insights that can help you make educated decisions. By working with a real estate agent, you are ensuring that your home lists at the right price based on what fits the market. Don’t try to take on this responsibility on your own, or shell out the job to some online app, because you run the risk of listing your home for much less than it’s worth.

Improve your home’s presentation

With the thousands of homes a real estate agent sees over the course of their career, you can be sure that they know how to best present your home to prospective buyers. It takes more than a quick cleaning of your home to prepare for a viewing, so why not leave the stress of being ready to an experienced and licensed agent that knows what they are doing.

Boost your buyer exposure

There is no better way to boost the exposure of your Central Oregon home than by hiring a real estate agent. They make sure that your home is advertised everywhere, and more importantly, they make sure potential buyers see what you see in your home, which is tough to do on a website. At Duke Warner Realty, our agents pay close attention to the ever-changing market trends and they stay progressive with their marketing techniques. Give us a call or send us an email today and we can get you started on your real estate journey whether you are buying or selling a home.


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Duke Warner Trend Report July 2019

Our Central Oregon summertime is starting to wind down and back to school checklists are on the minds of parents and teachers alike. After a busy summer in real estate, numbers show us the market is still busy and thriving in Bend and Redmond. The population growth in Central Oregon continues to support the ongoing trends we are seeing in the market. Active listings remained steady during the month of July. Both Bend and Redmond markets continue to have a great variety of options for potential home buyers. Our market trend report offers valuable insight into last month’s activity, which is a great resource for upcoming trends we hope to see during the remainder of the month and into September.

August 1st Inventory and July Activity

With 533 active listings as of August 1st, the Bend market has a multitude of great homes for those looking to purchase a home. Both Bend and Redmond’s current listings have one-of-a-kind homes that won’t last long in this market. Redmond’s active listings as of August 1st showed 181 homes overall. The numbers have been consistent and encouraging all summer long, showing the combined active listings for Central Oregon at 714.

July was a busy month for the Redmond market, showing 100 homes sold, 122 new homes on the market and 138 homes pending. The bulk of active homes on the market in Redmond were in the $325,100 -$425,000 price range, showing 70. The $225,000 – $325,000 had 55 active listings and the $525,000 & up price range showed 41 active listings.

For Bend, the numbers in July illustrate the steady market. There were 16 active listings in the $225,000-$325,000 range, 116 in the $325,100-$425,000 range, 115 in the $425,100-$525,000 range and 72 in the $525,100-$625,000 price range. As you can see from our Market Trend Report, there were quite a few homes available in the higher price ranges as well, showing 108 active homes in the $925,100 & up price range.

With the thriving market, buyers look for competitive pricing as they compare properties. If you are selling your home and considering pricing for your property, we encourage you to consult with your trusted Duke Warner Broker for expert advice. Our brokers will share their knowledge and let you know how to price according to the market trends and current housing competition. At Duke Warner Realty, we can help you plan, sort out the details and get you started on your home buying or selling journey.

Sold and Pending Listings

Bend had 247 pending homes in June, and 280 in July. These numbers remain consistent and tell us both buyers and sellers are on the move. For sold listings, there were 236 in June and 243 in July. In Redmond, we saw 106 sold listings in June, and 100 in July. As expected, we continue to see great numbers in the Central Oregon real estate market!


Looking Ahead          

As many of us know and appreciate, Central Oregon is a special place to live. Both Bend and Redmond markets are active and full of options for buyers in all price ranges. As you consider your options and look ahead, whether you want to buy or sell a home, keep us in mind for your real estate ventures. Our professional brokers can offer great insights as you navigate your next home experience. Give us a call today and let us help you get started! We can be reached at 541.382.8262 or send us an email at







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Central Oregon- The Pet-Friendly Place To Be

One of the greatest perks of living in Central Oregon is the seemingly limitless number of places that are pet friendly. So pet-friendly, in fact, that it’s often harder to find a place that isn’t. Despite this neighborly environment, though, it can still be difficult navigating a transition between homes while taking care of your furry friends. Below are some tips and recommendations on where to go when moving into your new Central Oregon home with a pet so you’ll be left satisfied and happy.


Moving into a new home is stressful enough. Adding a pet into a mix can make it overwhelming. The best option when moving is to send your furry friend on vacation, whether it be to a kennel or a friend’s house. If you’re looking to pamper them, a kennel might be your best bet. Below is our favorite kennel in the Central Oregon area.

Bend Unleashed


One of the best things you can do during moving sounds a little counter-intuitive: take a break. The stress of moving can often be unbearable if you don’t make sure to take some time for yourself during the process. So what should you do with your “me” time? Take your furry friend out to play! Multiple locations along the Deschutes River provide a haven for pets and their owners, not to mention the countless parks scattered throughout the high desert. Below are some of our favorite places to take our furry friends.

Sloux Camp, Riverbend Park, and Overturf Park.  


While most restaurants in Central Oregon, and Bend especially, are dog-friendly, a few stand out to us for going above and beyond when it comes to caring for our furry companions. Whether it be offering water bowls upon arrival, or even little snacks if your pet is hungry, below are our favorite restaurants to visit if you have a pet in stow.

10 Barrel

McKay Cottage

Deschutes Brewery