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Duke Warner February 2019 Market Trends Report

Market Trends

Watching the market trends this winter has been encouraging. One might assume we’d see a big drop in home buying and selling with the crazy weather we’ve had, but it hasn’t gone that way at all. Instead, we are seeing a very steady market as we head into Spring. We are hopeful the numbers will just continue to hold strong. History tells us they may get better as the snow thaws & flowers bloom.

The steady market in both Redmond and Bend that we saw last year has continued into the start of this year. January’s numbers were encouraging in Bend and Redmond alike. February was no different. Check out the details below and let us know if you have any questions or comments. You may want to schedule a time to meet with one of our highly qualified brokers. Make this your best real estate year yet! We’ve got beautiful homes for potential buyers and talented agents ready to sell your current home.

March 1st Inventory and February Activity

With 370 active listings as of March 1st, the Bend market is thriving with options and opportunity. Redmond’s active listings as of March 1st showed 176 homes overall, which is great for this time of year. Continued steady numbers show buyer and seller interest alike.

February was a slightly more active month for Redmond than it was in January, showing 48 homes sold, 81 new homes on the market and 62 homes pending. The bulk of active homes on the market in Redmond were in the $225,000 – $325,000 and $325,100 -$425,000 price range. The $225,000 – $325,000 had 55 active listings and the $325,100 – $425,000 showed 58 active listings.

For Bend, the numbers back in January showed us that there are plenty of homes to choose from this time of year. In February, there were 17 active listings in the $225,000-$325,000 range, 82 in the $325,100-$425,000 range, 79 in the $425,100-$525,000 range and 38 in the $525,100-$625,000 price range. As you can see from our Market Trend Report, there were quite a few homes available in the higher price ranges as well.

With the steady market, buyers look for competitive pricing as they compare properties. If you are a seller and you are considering pricing for your property, we encourage you to consult with your Duke Warner Broker for great advice. They will share their expertise and let you know how to price according to the market trends and current housing competition. Our realtors can help you plan, sort out the details and get you started on your home buying or selling journey. You can also find some great suggestions by reading our blog titled, “Good Information to Share with Your Realtor.”

Sold and Pending Listings

Bend had 159 pending in January and that remained steady with 158 in February. For sold listings, there were 125 sold in January and 108 in February. In Redmond, we saw 46 sold properties in January and 48 in February. While there are a few fluctuations, overall, we continue to see great numbers in the market!

Looking Ahead          

Central Oregon is a wonderful place to live. Both Bend and Redmond markets are active and full of options for buyers in all price ranges. As you consider your options and look ahead, whether you want to buy or sell a home, keep us in mind for your real estate ventures. Our professional brokers can offer great insights as you navigate your next home experience. Give us a call today and let us help you get started! We can be reached at 541.382.8262 or send us an email at


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Common types of House Styles

Common types of House Styles

If you’re hunting for a new home, you may want to be familiar with current and common types of construction features to a home. Know what you’re looking at and what you could be buying. Here’s a breakdown of common features.

Types of Foundations

A crawlspace is where the living space has been elevated off the ground. This is more beneficial to termite-prone or damper regions. This sort of foundation is less expensive than a full basement.

A basement is typically built on a concrete slab. A footing foundation is poured with foundation walls and a concrete block is usually set on top.

A slab foundation is a concrete pad that can be reinforced with steel. This covers the area that the house sits on. Modern slab foundations are well insulated.

Pile and girder foundations are far less common than the other types of foundations. This essentially like a house on stilts, and is perfect for a climate where frequent flooding occurs.

Consider the environment that you’re buying a home in, and what sort of basement you want. A basement foundation isn’t very common in Central Oregon due to the rocky soil. Often times dynamite is needed in construction to blast out enough space for a basement.

Common House Styles in Bend

Bungalow – Bungalow styles coincide with craftsman in some similar ways. This style originated in California and slowly moved to the Midwest. Bungalow homes typically have low-pitched roofs, with a small covered porch at the entry of the home.

Craftsman – Craftsman styled homes have been referred to as the ‘California bungalow.’ Craftsman are also known for featuring rear entrance styles. Often featuring a garage in the back and a back alley entry. This is a really common style to see in Bend, with many neighborhoods built with back entry alleyways.

Duplexes – Duplexes are another common form of home in Bend. They have a great resale value, as they’re perfect for renting out. Owners commonly rent out half of the home to help cover a mortgage.

When you’re house hunting

If you’re looking at a certain style of home and want to know more about it, ask your realtor. They should be able to provide you with more information concerning where the design originated or why it continues to be popular. See why it might work for you as a home or rental property.

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Home Loan Options

It can be hard to determine what kind of loan works best for you when it comes to choosing a mortgage. It’s hard to break down the benefits and cons of each, so we’re here to explain what each loan is, and how it could possibly affect you. If you’re interested in applying for a home loan, talk to your Bend Realtors and see which lenders they recommend.

Fixed and Adjustable

There are two types of mortgages that you can come by, a fixed rate or adjustable rate. When you have a fixed rate mortgage, your loans have a fixed rate of interest, meaning they have the same rate of interest from the time you get them until when you pay them off. An adjustable mortgage has a rate that adjusts with the market, it might go up or go down as the market changes.

Each kind of loan has benefits and problems, but it’s up to you to decide what you’re willing to commit to. With a fixed rate you know your rate won’t change, even if the market changes. This means that if the rates drop lower than yours, you’re still stuck paying the rate you locked into. The flip side to this is that if you have an adjustable rate and the market rates soar, you’re stuck paying higher prices. Talk to a local lender and discuss which would work best for you.

Government and Conventional Loans

A conventional home loan is one that isn’t issued by the government in any way. Most consider conventional home loans to be regular home loans. A government issued home loan is one that is guaranteed through the government. Here are the different types:


An FHA Loan is part of a mortgage insurance program. These types of loans are available to first time homebuyers and other home buyers. With this loan the government is insuring the lender against any losses they might have from borrowing money. FHA loans are managed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. With this loan you can put a lower payment down, as low as 3.5%. With this also comes mortgage insurance, that might make your monthly mortgage payment higher.


If you’ve ever been a military service member or are a family member of one, you qualify for a VA loan program.  This mortgage is guaranteed by the VA. The benefit of this kind of loan is that veterans and their families can get 100% financing when they buy their home which means they have no down payment at all.

USDA or RHS Loans

Managed through the Rural Housing Service, part of the Department of Agriculture, this is for more rural residents. If you have a steady, but low or modest income, and other financing isn’t available to you, a USDA loan might be a good option. It takes into consideration the adjusted median income of the rural area, and bases the loan off of that.

Buying a Home

There are a lot of different steps to take when it comes to buying a home. Picking the right kind of loan is one of them. This can be the biggest part of purchasing a house, other than finding a property that is perfect for you. Talk to your Bend Oregon Realtors today, & see which lenders they recommend. Meet with a lender and find out which mortgage or home loan is right for you.