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Good Information to Share with Your Realtor

Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell your own, finding the right realtor can be tricky. Ultimately, you’ll want someone that understands your end goal and has experience in the industry. One of the first things you should do, before you even look for a realtor, is sit down and make a list of exactly what you are looking for in a home, or if you are selling your home, make a list of specific things you are willing to negotiate on and things you are firm on when it comes to updates, inspections, etc. Once you have your list, take the time to interview a few different brokers before you decide to go with one. If your broker understands your needs, wants and dislikes, they’re much more likely to find the perfect property for you, and not waste time showing listings that you’re not interested in.


If you have children, you’ll want to consider the location of the home you are interested in, because it will determine the school that your children will attend. If you have a preference over the schools in the area that you’re looking to buy in, it’s important to tell your broker that. Even if you don’t currently have kids, it’s still something important to consider if you plan to start a family in the future. Central Oregon has a great school system and finding good neighborhoods with great schools is a fairly easy task, but if your kids are already established in certain schools, let your broker know.

If you have preferences for being near a certain part of town, whether you want to be near your favorite grocery store, restaurants, or shopping, it is important you share those things with your broker. You realtor needs to understand whether you want to be within walking or driving distance from bus routes or other transportation hubs. If this is a like, but not a requirement it could influence the listings your broker wants to show.


Something that can easily be forgotten when house hunting is how a home is heated. If the way a home is heated is something that truly matters, let your broker know. This may make a difference if you’re looking for properties in a colder or warmer climate. If you have a preferred method of heating, especially if it’s a deal breaker, tell your broker.  Be sure to check the heating system in place before you make an offer, or you could wind up with an expensive home to heat.


If you have a preference on home styles, floor plans or layout, you’ll realtor needs to know those things prior to scheduling walk throughs. They need to know if you want to look at split level homes, or if you only want to see single level homes. If you want an open floor plan, a formal dining room, etc. your broker can show you properties that pertain to your wants and needs, if they know what they are.

If you only want to look at rural or urban properties, if a pool is a must or not, these are things that you need to sit down and outline in your lists with your agent. Consider the lifestyle that you live, and what aspects of a home you need to keep your comfort.

When discussing your price range with your agent, let them know which things you’re willing to pay more for. If your budget won’t budge, they need to know that. If they find you a home with everything that you want, but it’s out of your price range, your broker needs to know where you draw the line. Give us a call to find the Bend, Oregon realtor you trust most and discuss what you want in a dream property or home.


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Duke Trend Report for Bend & Redmond for October 2018

A positive and consistent market continues as the fall rounds out and winter is on the horizon. The trends for October are very similar to September with a few differences. This fall has been an active time in Bend and Redmond for sellers and buyers alike. Although the weather is changing, that market remains steady with a great selection of homes to choose from.


The number of active listings came down slightly, but not by much. In Bend, we saw 583 active listings in September and 553 in October. In Redmond, there were 221 active listings in September and 223 in October. The numbers for Redmond show us that there are plenty of homes to choose from, showing most of the listings, 76, in the $225,100-$325,000 price range. 39 of those 76 homes were new listings for October. In Bend, the most inventory lands in the price range of $325,100-$425,000, with 147 active listings. 43 of those 147 are new homes on the market just in October. Both Bend and Redmond’s market had fewer price reductions in October than we saw in September and slightly fewer pending homes as of the end of October, for both cities.

It is still very important for home sellers to keep pricing competitive. Keep in mind buyers look for the competitive pricing as they compare properties. If you aren’t sure what to list your home or property for, consult with your Realtor for great advice, often they will share their expertise and let you know how to price according to the market and competition.

Sold and Pending Listings

As mentioned above, the number of pending listings dropped slightly in October from September, in both Bend and Redmond markets. For Redmond, we saw 104 pending in September and 85 in October. Bend had 220 pending homes in September and it dropped a bit to 189 pending in October. For sold listings, September gave us impressive numbers with 195 in Bend and even more in October, at 222. Sold listings in Redmond stayed consistent with 86 in September and 89 in October. We aren’t seeing much of a fluctuation in the market which is great for this time of year. Fall is almost over, people are winding up for the holidays and there seems to be continued buzz in the market regardless of the weather changing to colder days.

Looking Ahead          

As we watch the trees become bare, scrape ice off our windows in the mornings and start our lists for the holidays ahead, we are encouraged and excited with the number of active listings, for buyers and sellers alike. Fall and winter can be a great time to shop for homes because life has slowed back down from the summer buzz and routine allows you some time to compare properties and gather as much information necessary to make educated decisions about the market. Get out and see what’s available and give us a call if you’d like one of our Realtors to show you around!

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The Home Inspection Negotiations

If you’ve purchased a home before, you know that making and having your offer accepted is the easy part. You are far from the finish line once both parties have agreed on a price. Those who are experienced in today’s real estate market, like our brokers at Duke Warner Realty, know that nothing is final until money has changed hands, all paperwork has been signed and the keys are in the new owner’s hands. That means inspections must be passed, and negotiations and agreements must be made. The home inspection can either help or hurt the process and the price of a home, and it can become a big negotiating point for both sides. For new home buyers or sellers, knowing what to expect with the inspection process is helpful and we’re always here to help if you have questions. If you are buying or selling real estate in Central Oregon, you may want to consider the following pointers before you list or make an offer.

Common Processes

Most homes go through some sort of negotiation after the inspection has been completed. There’s no reason to feel bad about this; few homes are perfect. Negotiating after an inspection can either be one of the most stressful parts of buying or selling a home, or it can be as easy as you make it. Moving forward with the final findings on the inspector’s report is the key to the process. Take the inspection for what it is and work off the report to get things organized and taken care of as quickly as possible.


Sometimes you can save yourself the headache of a bad inspection, by doing some of the obvious work before your property is listed. It’s important to take care of the issues that you know your home has, ideally prior to listing it because whether you do it before or after the inspection, you will need to get it done. Having one less item on the report will benefit you with negotiating. It will also go a long way to be honest with potential buyers. It’s what you’ll want in the house hunt as well. If you take the time and money to fix the small things in advance, you will reduce the stress on yourself during the selling process. Some problems while not major, could cost you a percentage of your selling price, simply because it was left to be discovered by an inspector.


We’d all love to have every home appear like new, but chances are, this is never going to happen. An inspection should give the buyer a chance to renegotiate for major things, like electrical or plumbing issues, or problems with the roof or foundation. An inspection should not be used by the potential buyer to get a lower price on a property. Homes are lived in, and they do not come brand new. Keep in mind that home inspections are used to find potentially major defects in a property, defects that could cause a buyer not to consider the property. In most cases buyers and sellers can reach an agreement and repair the necessary items before the sale is finalized. Sometimes the price is changed to account for the cost of certain repairs, so again, it is important to fix as many of the issues you know of, prior to listing.

Positive outcomes

If you find something on a listed property as a seller that the buyer is pushing to be fixed, it’s best to offer a price reduction or closing cost credit, which would credit the buyer the money it should cost for the repair. Sometimes if a potential buyer is asking for repairs, they may have opinions on the way they’d like it to be fixed, so it’s best to credit them for the repairs in the price, and have them fix it on their own, once the property is theirs. This eliminates the chance of them not being satisfied with the work while you still own the home. Generally speaking, most people see that kind of offer as a positive outcome when negotiating. There is always a lot to think about when it comes to owning a property. If you are interested in real estate in Oregon, please give us a call to set-up an appointment with a well-educated and friendly broker. Call 541-382-8262 or email our office at