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Pet owners: How to sell and what to look for when buying

Making a home more pet friendly for potential buyers

Pets have typically been something to cover up when you’re showing your home. You’re supposed to remove all traces of them, their toys scattered all over the house, their fluffy beds in the corner, the fur balls rolling around the living room.

When showing your home

While some cleaning up after your pet is necessary and polite to do, for prospective buyers visiting your home, it might be helpful to show them how a pet has lived comfortably in your home or on your property.  Clean up the toys and the fur balls, but leave the fluffy bed in the corner to show how you arranged your living space and left room for your four-legged friend.

Leaving the pet-friendly area you’ve created in your back yard, whether it’s a dog house or a pet friendly run area for their exercise, could also benefit you.

Certainly clean the backyard or litter box, before any prospective buyers walk through. Additionally, consider carpet cleaning, to remove any lingering pet odor. While your nose may be used to it, it could be a complete turn off for a new buyer. If the odor is particularly bad, consider removing or replacing carpet.

When buying, what to consider

Consider if there are pet friendly parks nearby, or off leash areas. Depending on the level of escape tactics of your furry friends, consider the speeds and traffic of the closest major thoroughfares. Also consider: would you feel safe leaving them in the backyard, or is there an ideal space for a doggy-door? If you have previously only allowed your pets in certain areas of the house, for example having a kitchen dog, or first floor dog, make sure that the new layout of a prospective property suits your needs, and that it won’t cause an additional headache of training or re-training.

If you plan to rent out your new property

If you’re considering buying a property with the sole purpose of renting it out, consider making the home a pet-friendly rental. Pet friendly rentals in certain areas are very hard to come by, and by making a few small changes or sacrifices, you could ensure that you are never without renters. People will be lining up to live in your pet-friendly property, and you’ll have the ability to screen those pets and their owners as you choose.

Pets can make or break a property, when you take them into consideration. Many people consider their pets to be members of their family, so if a property doesn’t suit their needs and their pets, it could be a no go.


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Real Estate Photography: Using drones for listings

In 2016 we’re all trying to get ahead in the real estate market, by using any competitive edge we can. Playing with drones is one of many fun things to do in Bend, Oregon, but drones could also be a great tool for real estate photography. Drones are already used for law enforcement purposes, weather monitoring and more.
Drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), can be used to get unique angles of properties, showing more details to a buyer than ever before. An image taken from higher in the air can show an all-encompassing aerial view of the entire property or land for sale. It can also give prospective property buyers a look at what the surrounding neighborhood looks like, or what a child’s walk to school would consists of.
A high aerial view could also show certain amenities near the property, like walkability to parks, restaurants, shops and more. Highlighting a particular property line or survey features might also become easier.

Anyone can do it
Drone imagery removes the need for elevated photography by expensive planes and helicopters. With drones, professionals aren’t needed to fly the device. All you need is some practice, a steady hand and a little patience. Drone footage can also be shot as a video or stills, and you can typically do the editing in house, as it doesn’t require difficult programs or prior training. Even if you choose to outsource drone photography, it could be much less expensive than other options.

The Rules
It’s important to use drones legally, as there are still many rules the FAA is deciding upon. Users must be 13 years of age or older to operate a drone. Filing a petition with the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, Section 333 is necessary. Your UAS must be registered with the FAA and a waiver must be obtained for every air space you have plans to shoot in. The last step is to get an FAA airman certificate for either private, recreational or sport pilot.
Operators must fly under 400 feet and the drone can’t weigh over 55 lbs. Drones must be flown only in the daytime, and only in plain sight. If you’re using a drone for real estate photography, you’ll most likely be flying it in residential areas. There are certain areas where UAS are not permitted, such as sports areas or stadium, including racetracks, the District of Columbia, forest fires and within 5 miles of any airport.
When filming for real estate, always ask homeowners before launching your drone, including private property. Try to avoid flying over large crowds of people, and having children or pets chase your drone.
Drone photography for real estate is a new idea, but it’s one that could be around for a while. The FAA has issued thousands of permits for commercial use, and nearly 40 percent of those were issued to real estate companies. So do some investigating and consider how drone footage could boost your real estate listings.

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Why Buying a Home is a Great Idea for You

Why Buying a Home is a Great Idea for You

You are at the time in your life when you are thinking about a place to live. Perhaps you are relocating because of better job opportunities, or your present company decided to move your position to a different location. You may be a college student who just graduated with their degree as you are passing around your CV to interested recruiters so you can seek out a dream career. Another reason why you may be looking for a new place to life is because you recently became married or will be having a baby enter your growing family.

While checking out apartments, you can’t help but notice the For Sale signs in the yards of several houses in the neighborhood. You never really gave home-ownership a serious thought before. With your busy lifestyle and budget, is buying a home a good idea?

Why You Should Consider Home-ownership?

Home-ownership can give you a range of advantages over renting an apartment. By considering these benefits and how they can be applied to your current work and lifestyle, you can decide if it is a great idea for you.

Price of Mortgage Payments Can Be Cheaper than Rental Payments

The national median rental price in 2016 for a 2-bedroom apartment in many cities can cost you over $1,000, as some cities can be as high as $4,000 a month. In 2012, the average mortgage payment for a $222,000 home was $1,061 a month for a 30-year mortgage, not including taxes, insurance and other related costs. Depending on the size of the house you are looking for, the location, and other factors, you may find that buying a home makes more economic sense than renting as you will eventually pay off the loan and own the house outright. Also, keep in mind that rental rates will usually increase annually.

Make Any Changes You Want

When you own a home, you can make as many changes as you want to create the perfect place for yourself and your family. You can add on additions when your family grows or create the perfect outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen to host parties, a swimming pool to cool off, or a patio where you can just relax.

Secondary Income Possibilities

You can also bring in a passive income from your house by renting out a part of it to tenants. If you have the extra space, such as a garage that you never use or a basement that is empty, you can rent it out to working professionals and college students to bring in some extra cash. This money can be placed into your savings to create a nice nest egg for yourself in the future.

There are many arguments out there regarding whether you should buy a home. Home-ownership can be a great idea so long as you think about your current income and expenses when making a home-ownership plan. Then you can find the right house for yourself at the right price that you can afford.